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Kerala banana chips at home| Nendran chips recipe | Kerala banana chips aka nendran chips are one of the most commonly available snacks across south India.

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Raw Banana chips
kerala Banana Chips

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These banana wafers are made from green raw banana or kaccha Kela and the final outcome of the recipe is a deep yellow color.

It is super easy to make as it does only require raw banana (Nendran/Ethapazham), coconut oil to deep fry, turmeric for color, and salt to taste. I have used raw and tender green banana for this recipe, for the best result. Store these in an airtight container for longer shelf life. You could also use a zip lock bag and pack it in small bags.

Its kind of tempting snack and crispness will attract you!

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Raw Banana
Raw Banana

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Ingredients for Banana chips :-

  • Raw Nendran Banana – 2
  • Turmeric powder – 2 tsp
  • Coconut Oil – to deep fry
  • Salt – to taste

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Step by step instructions to make banana chips:-
  • Take a unripe banana and trim edges , slit on the banana. Peel the skin.
  • Use a slicer and slice the banana medium thickness
  • Take a mixing bowl with water and add salt add turmeric powder and mix it well
  • Add peeled banana in turmeric solution
  • Soak it for at least 15 minutes

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  • After 15 minutes, take it out and dry them with a clean kitchen towel
  • Take a bowl and add salt and turmeric powder
  • Add a little of the salt and turmeric mix.
  • Add water and mix it well. Keep it aside.
  • Add sliced banana in medium heat hot oil.
  • Fry until turns crisp
  • Drain on some paper towel.
  • Cool it down.
  • Store in an airtight container.

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Raw Banana chips
Banana chips

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