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Oats laddu is a quick and healthy sugar-free dessert without jaggery. To prepare these energy boosters the main ingredients are oats, dates and honey. Simply roast the oats and blend with dates, add honey and almonds mix well and finally shape the laddu. 

Oats Ladoo/Oats Laddu
Oats Ladoo/Oats Laddu

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Since the dates and honey is the natural sweetener. There is no need to add sugar or jaggery. Can adjust dates and honey according to the sweetness. I always prefer the desserts in a less sweet. Top with honey and enjoy the crunchy almonds with sweet dates and roasted oats.

Oats laddu boosts energy, reduces cholesterol and constipation problems. Each ingredient has its own benefits. The oats are rich in protein and help in weight loss. Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and good for the healthy heart. Honey helps in gum diseases, boosts memory and home remedy for a cough.

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To prepare oats laddu in easy steps. Fry the halved almonds in ghee, roast the oats and let it cool, blend the deseeded dates with roasted oats, add honey mix well, shape laddu and top with fried almonds. Finally, top with honey and serve at any time.


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Ingredients for oats laddu:

  • oats – 1 cup
  • dates – 9
  • ghee – 2 spoons
  • honey – 2 1/2 spoon

For topping:

  • fried almonds – 11
  • honey – 1/2 spoon

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Oats Ladoo/Oats Laddu
Oats Laddu

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Instructions for making oats laddu:-

Step by step procedure for oats laddu with dates and honey:

Halved almonds and dates:

  1. Halve the almonds and set aside.
  2. Halve the deseeded dates and set aside.

Roasting oats:

  1. Heat a pan over the medium flame add 2 spoons of ghee.
  2. Add halved almonds and fry till they turn golden and set aside.
  3. Roast a cup of oats. Stir continuously till they turn light golden colour.
  4. Switch off the fire. Let it cool for a minute.

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Blending dates and oats:

  1. Add deseeded dates into the blender jar. Blend coarsely.
  2. Add roasted oats to the same blender jar.
  3. Mix it once with the spoon. So that it will be easy to blend because the dates are stuck to the end of the blender jar.
  4. Blend them coarsely or run the blender for once.
  5. Take all the blended dates and oats mixture into the bowl.

Making laddu:

  1. Add 2 1/2 spoons of honey. Add fried almonds mix well all of them.
  2. Take equal portions of the mixture and make small or medium-sized oats laddu.

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  1. Place the fried almonds on top and make them into laddu.
  2. Finally, top with honey. Store for 4 days or a week. 
  3. Serve the healthy oats laddu at any time.
Oats Ladoo/Oats Laddu
Oats Laddu

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