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639. Strawberry cream cheese pound cake home recipe.

It’s Christmas time folks and its every Baker’s festival! Cookies, Cakes, Puddings, Breads,my oven works overtime in December.The cream cheese is home made and gives a perfect texture to the pound cake.These cakes bring the ever-popular combination of strawberries and cream to each decadent slice. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe: Plum

635.Plum cake home recipe.

Plum Cake is almost synonymous with Christmas. The festival is incomplete without this dark, flavourful cake loaded with nuts. Plum cake refers to a wide range of cakes made with either dried fruit (such as currants, raisins, or prunes) or with fresh fruit. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe: Tasty Banana Bread , Almond chocolate cake,

633.Butterfly Cupcakes home recipe.

Butterfly cupcakes are a quintessential treat that was served at almost every child’s birthday party in the UK and Europian country. Traditional British butterfly cakes are sometimes called fairy cakes, but no matter the name, they are simply delightful. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe:Plum cake recipe , Chocolate Tuffle cake, Chocolate

613. Christmas cake at Home Recipe.

Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe – a delicious and easy step by step recipe for fruit cake or Kerala plum cake, that’s perfect for Christmas or really, all year round. This fruit cake recipe doesn’t need you to soak the dry fruits in advance and it’s alcohol-free so you can make the cake instantly just before

605.Apple cake at home recipe.

Apple Cake is the perfect Fall dessert, with its chunks of apples and nuts wrapped in a cinnamon-laced batter. It is delicious with a dollop of softly whipped cream, a small scoop of vanilla ice cream, or with a little heavy cream poured over the top. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe:Plum