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813. Ram ladoo home reecipe(delhi).

Tasty and delicious Ram Ladoo recipe or Lentil fritters is an all time favorite tea time snack. This insanely crispy and crunchy moong dal fritters hails from the streets of Delhi and is a mouthwatering savory snack! Hello, Delhi bellies…. here comes the favorite street food of Delhi- Ram Ladoo recipe or Gul-gulle. Just like Chole Bhature, and Matar Kulcha, this is

812. Batata Vada/Aloo Bonda/ Potato Bonda(Marathi, Mumbai).

Basically it is an potato fritters which is apparently a famous vegetarian fast food snack in maharashtra cuisine or street food. it is typically served with a pav as vada pav or can be served as it is with tomato ketchup or coconut chutney. usually it is prepared in round ball like shaped snack, but can also be prepared in

808. Brocoli Pakoda home recipe.

Fried Broccoli Pakoras is a delicious healthy tea time snack that you can savor without any guilt. The Pakora is filled with flavours from fennel seeds, chaat masala and is made without deep-frying, hence preserving nutrition of the vegetable. By using Broccoli in our Diet you can reap various health benefits. Broccoli is a great anti-inflammatory and

807.Aloo Bread Pakoda home recipe.

Bread Pakora is a very popular and beloved street food of Northern India. You can call them appetizer, brunch, or tea-time snack or sometimes even breakfast. Easy to make, and so damn delicious, spicy, crispy, and deep fried snack. Stuffed bread pakoras with paneer and potato are sure to love at first bite. Stuffed with paneer, aloo

805. Onion pakoda/Onion Bhajji/piyaji(North india).

You may also like these cakes recipe:- chocolate cake Home recipe,Vanilla cake, Khoya cake, Tutti futti cake, Chocolate Tuffle cake. Crispy Onion Pakoda is one of the most favorite Indian snacks during Monsoons or Winter days. These fritters taste even better when served with some delicious Indian Chutneys. Onion Pakoda or Onion Pakora is a