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This is an easy luchi recipe which will help you to understand how to make perfect, soft, fluffy, slightly crispy and delicious Indian style luchi puri/luchi poori which is Indian style deep fried puffed bread made of all purpose flour.


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The basic poori recipe is always made with whole wheat flour, salt and water. A bit of oil or ghee can be added to the whole wheat dough optionally. The dough is not leavened or fermented.

Small balls are pinched from the dough, rolled evenly to a disc later to be deep fried in hot oil. While frying the poori puffs up nicely and this is the benchmark of a well made poori. The puffing up of the poori helps in giving it a soft texture.

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Ingredients for making Puri:-

How to make Puri or Poori:-

1. Mix or sieve the whole wheat flour with salt. Add melted ghee or oil. Add little water at a time and knead well to form a dough with hands or with the help of a stand mixer.

2. The dough should a little stiff and tight.

3. Divide the dough into small or medium pieces – about 12 to 14. Make into medium sized or slightly small balls.

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Rolling Puri

4. Apply oil to dough ball. The idea of applying oil and not dusting with flour is so that while frying, the oil stays clean and you won’t see dark burnt flour particles inside the oil.

5. Roll the dough evenly into circles which are neither too thin nor thick.

6.Place the rolled poori in a plate and cover with a clean kitchen towel, so that they don’t dry up.

7. Heat oil in a deep frying pan or kadai. When the oil is sufficiently hot, then drop a small dough ball into oil. If the dough ball rises steadily & briskly to the top, then the oil is sufficiently hot to fry the poori. Otherwise, wait till the oil becomes hot before frying the poori. if the dough ball rises slowly or is still at the bottom, then the oil is cold and if it rises too fast, then the oil is very hot.

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Frying Puri

8. Add one puri at a time. It will puff up soon.

9. Once the bottom side is golden, then turn over the poori and fry gently pressing down with the frying spoon or slotted spoon in a circular motion. Fry the poori till golden brown all over.

10.Remove them into paper napkins to remove excess oil. Fry all poori this way. If the oil becomes too hot, then lower the temperature by reducing the flame and vice versa.

11. Serve poori hot with a vegetable curry or sweet dishes like aam ras or hot with aloo tamatar ki sabzi or chana masala or mathura ke dubki wale aloo or aloo matar.

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