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37.Puffed rice and juggery ball/Mamra Na Laddo /Murmura Laddu / Kurmura Laddu / Indian Sweets.

Puffed rice and juggery ball/Mamra Na Laddo /Murmura Laddu / Kurmura Laddu / Indian Sweets or known as snack also in North india Region. These mamra ladoo are made without oil or ghee still they are very tasty. Using jaggery instead of white sugar retains the traditional charm of this recipe It is more fun

35. Sesame Juggery Ball/Til Gud Ladu/Tal Na Ladva/Til Ke Ladoo.

Sesame laddu ball is made with fresh sesame seeds and sweet juggery,so it has many health benefits. You may also like these Home made Sweets recipe:Chenna Jalebi, Gulab Jamun ,Gajor ka Halwa, Rosogolla recipe, Odisha chenna poda. Sesame Laddu is good for our health and particularly in winter season , it is a perfect sweet

36.Mango Shrikhand at home recipe(Gujrat and Maharastra sweet).

Index:- Ingredients for amrakhand recipe Making hung curd or chakka Making mango shrikhand recipe Mango shrikhand/Amrakhand is made from hung card , some chopped dry fruits and powder sugar. Amrakhand recipe or Mango shrikhand – A variation to the plain shrikhand recipe. This is the popular version in Maharashtra. This is simple recipe. Mango pulp is

34. Coconut juggery laddu/ Nariyal juggery ladoo.

These fudgy balls of coconut have just 4 ingredients. Shredded coconut, coconut milk, cardamom and sugar /juggery or sweetener of choice.  You may also like these sweets reecipe : Rosogolla recipe, Gulab jamun , Kerala Jalebi recipe, Channa/mawa jalebi recipe, Carrot/Gajor ka halwa. Just like Dals, there are many many variations of Ladoos (Sweet balls)

33. Sweetpotato halwa/ Sakarkandi halwa home recipe.

Sweetpotato halwa/ Sakarkandi halwa/ Mitha aloo Halwa is a healthy option home recipe. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet in taste, so we are adding very less amount of sugar here.So whenever you crave something sweet but you want to go on a healthier route, make this halwa and enjoy. You may also like these Home