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449. Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower home recipe.

Here is a well seasoned Tangy Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli. It works perfectly in any air fryer. A successful mid-week idea, that we believe is a keeper. You may also like these Home made Sweets recipe:Chenna Jalebi, Gulab Jamun ,Gajor ka Halwa, Rosogolla recipe, Odisha chenna poda. The few drops of mustard oil used in

422. Sweetpotato chips home recipe.

Sweetpotato has many health benefits, it help to reduce risk of heart disease and Diabetes.So sweetpotato chips with chutney is a lovely snacks and tasty also. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe:Plum cake recipe , Chocolate Tuffle cake, Butterfly coffee cake , Chocolate cake .Sweet Potato Chocolate cake. You may also like

414. Paneer samosa Home Recipe.

The Paneer samosa is made from Paneer as its core element of stuffing. Paneer samosa is not only tasty and it also healthy snacks. You may also like these Home made Snacks recipe:- Samosa recipe , Mushroom Momos , Kerala Banana chips , Dalgona coffee , Pani puri recipe.. The ingredients for the dough of

407.Paneer tikka/Punjabi Paneer Tikka/Paneer masala.

Paneer tikka masala – is a spicy and flavorful North Indian paneer recipe in which the panner cubes, onions and bell peppers are dipped in a curd marinade, grilled to perfection and then cooked in spicy gravy. It tastes delicious with roti, naan, kulcha, jeera rice and biryani. You may also like these Home madeSnacks