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422. Sweetpotato chips home recipe.

Sweetpotato has many health benefits, it help to reduce risk of heart disease and Diabetes.So sweetpotato chips with chutney is a lovely snacks and tasty also. You may also like these Home made Cakes recipe:Plum cake recipe , Chocolate Tuffle cake, Butterfly coffee cake , Chocolate cake .Sweet Potato Chocolate cake. You may also like

416. Chicken Momos at home recipe.

Chicken Momos are one of the healthiest snack because of the absence of oil and presence of high nutrient content and mouth watering taste. You may also like these Home madeSnacks recipe:- Samosa recipe , Mushroom Momos , Kerala Banana chips , Dalgona coffee , Pani puri recipe. Chicken momos – have always been the

415. Culiflower momos/ Gobhi momos home receipe.

The momos are loved by all. The goodness of Cauliflower momos is that it is not only tasty but healthy as well. Grated cabbage filled in momos is just yummy. You may also like these Home made Sweets recipe:Chenna Jalebi, Gulab Jamun ,Gajor ka Halwa, Rosogolla recipe, Odisha chenna poda. You may also like these